End Modern Day Slavery

When modern society mentions the word slavery, we think of the atrocious conditions faced by coloured Americans during the middle ages and would be forgiven for thinking that slavery is no longer an issue, right?

If you were then to learn that today, tens of millions of people are enslaved worldwide, how would you react?  Almost 20% of slavery victims are children, held not only against their will but helpless to fight against exploitation. If you were then to learn that this slavery resulted in human trafficking mostly for sexual exploitation, what thoughts does this conjure for you?

Well, if you were like me the terms human trafficking and sex slavery usually conjure up images of young girls beaten and abused in places like Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. Have you seen the movie ‘Taken’? This kick ass film first highlighted to me the reality of human trafficking. It pretty much told me that unless you have the “particular set of skills” that Liam Neeson possesses you’ve got naff all chance of ever seeing your daughter again!

It’s hard to believe but human trafficking and sex slavery is occurring in our very own backyards. We’re oblivious to the prevalence of this problem in cities and towns, both large and small, throughout our most developed nations. ‘Taken’ very entertainingly highlights this global issue, but it’s going to take more than Liam Neeson and his freaky skills to solve it…..

It’s time take a stand against this horrific trade, to protect our woman, children and even the men who are affected by human trafficking and modern day slavery. Unsurprisingly, governments have been completely ineffective in developing a sustainable solution. Not-for-profits, private enterprise and you, the public, must be the solution.

Support those who fight against Human Trafficking. Buy a flanny from Freedom Flannels, donate to Operation Underground Railroad and help stamp out modern day slavery!  #freedomflannels #ent30012 #moderndayslavery #sexslavery #enditmovement #compassion #love


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