Why Does Human Trafficking Exist?

Why in the 21st century does human trafficking still exist? For the very same reason that drug mafias still exist! Human trafficking is a highly sophisticated, organised crime and one that’s financially lucrative.

Human Trafficking is the third most profitable business stream for organised crime, and has a much lower risk than smuggling drugs or arms.

The lack of protection and access to employment and education, discrimination of minorities and cultural practices as well as poverty are all factors that leave people vulnerable to being exploited. They are more easily manipulated, tricked or forced by traffickers into exploitative situations. Sadly, trafficked people often do not understand that what’s happening to them is a crime. They themselves are in crisis and often are too scared to speak.

The only way that human trafficking can be eradicated is by Prevention, Prosecution and Protection.

Prevention needs to include the provisions of robust labor law enforcement, particularly in key sectors where trafficking is most typically found, while also reducing demand for commercial sex.

Identifying victims is a critical first step in Protection. After identification, governments should make the rights and needs of victims a priority to ensure that Protection efforts restore a survivor’s dignity and provide an opportunity for a safe and productive life.

What is devastating is that the victims are often arrested along with their traffickers on prostitution or illegal immigration charges. What really stinks is that through corruption, those committing these appalling crimes usually spend LESS time in jail!

There are several ways you can help to end this cruel journey!

Raising AWARENESS is good but ACTION is required. Awareness must lead to Action!

Donate to one of the many organisations that support raising AWARENESS & taking ACTION against Human Trafficking.

Together we can eradicate this terrible crime.

To see just how big of an issue human trafficking is, visit this site: https://www.dosomething.org/us/facts/11-facts-about-human-trafficking

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