Human Trafficking Stats

Before we all get too wrapped up in buying the next iPhone and getting that next COD game that we talk about to all our friends when we hear of it, spare a thought for the people involved in Human trafficking.

  • Fastest growing means of enslavery and fastest growing international crime
  • Almost 140,00 people can be in the cycle of violence, abuse and degradation across Europe
  • 2/3 of reported victims are women
  • Most reported cases are victims moved over international borders

Now as you may be wondering these numbers are approximates and this is because it is not easy to track exact figures. Think about it if we knew exact numbers then this would have probably been stopped already and we wouldn’t be blogging about it.


Now if you have seen the Taken movie franchise you would probably take for granted that this is a movie all about “f1d1bded-03bb-456b-98aa-fa9524218fc49eaf7a82-935c-40a9-aa7b-c2e5d6caaaae

I will find you, and I will kill you”. This whole franchise exposes the world of human trafficking believe it or not.

So consider what impact you can have in this largest source of illegal income globally only to be second behind drug trafficking.



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