The Lucky Country

Here in Australia we don’t really hear or see many confronting issues like human trafficking, terrorism or war in our own country. We don’t usually leave the house each day to grab groceries and imagine of not returning to our family as we are lucky to be in a well developed country. People that travel can surely appreciate where we live more after they have seen some conditions overseas?

This happens on a regular occurrence overseas where people are taken off the street and are forced into tough labouring jobs. They may also be used in war where they see and experience a lifetime of violence in a rapid learning curve. Mounting pressure from the global economy will only further drive things like slavery as people will pursue whatever means they see fit to continue working to earn something to help their loved ones whatever and however they can. Wouldn’t you try and do whatever you could for the ones you love?

These people involved in slavery have no say where they work or are put around the world, compared to how Australia operates. We have the luxuries of living with education, safety and security in our communities that we take as a given. Most of us now choose where we work, what hours we work and when we work due to advancements we’ve seen in technology making our lives easier and more versatile so we can spend more time with friends and family whilst adding globalization.

I’m sure we can appreciate what we have in Australia that aid our daily lives and make It easier for us to live and work in communities as we look out for one another. We want to help save people affected by slavery and human trafficking so people can feel safe in their own country as they should.

The link below is for an interview with people that have been directly involved in human trafficking to portray the environment people are exposed to.




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